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When Do French Bulldogs’ Ears Stand Up?

When Do French Bulldogs' Ears Stand Up?

French Bulldogs’ ears typically begin to stand up between 5 to 15 weeks of age. During this period, the puppies are growing, and their muscles and cartilage are developing and strengthening. It’s not uncommon for one ear to stand up before the other initially, but eventually, both ears should become erect as the pup matures. It’s a natural developmental stage, indicating that the ear cartilage has strengthened sufficiently.

French Bulldogs' Ears Stand Up

French Bulldog Ears Development Stages

Age Development Stage Ear Position
0-4 weeks Neonatal Period Ears are floppy
5-8 weeks Transitional Period Ears begin to lift
9-12 weeks Socialization Period Ears partially stand
13+ weeks Juvenile Period Ears fully upright

What does it mean when a French Bulldog has Standing Ears?

Standup ears in a French Bulldog signify the puppy’s growth and development, indicating that the ear cartilage has sufficiently strengthened to hold them erect. This typical developmental stage often occurs between 5 to 15 weeks of age.

Upright ears enhance the dog’s hearing ability, making them more alert and responsive to their surroundings. It’s also a sign that the puppy is progressing from the early puppy stage and maturing, with physical developments aligning with their age and growth milestones.

What does it mean when a French Bulldog has Standing Ears

Why are my French Bulldog’s ears down?


During the teething phase, a French Bulldog’s ears might be down due to the redistribution of calcium to support the growth of new teeth. This temporary redirection of nutrients can cause the ears’ cartilage to soften, leading to floppy ears. However, they typically stand back up once teething is complete.


Young French Bulldogs often have floppy ears, which is entirely natural. As the puppies grow and develop, the cartilage in their ears strengthens, causing the ears to stand erect. This transformation is a part of the puppy’s normal developmental process.


Genetics plays a significant role in the ear structure and development of French Bulldogs. Certain genetic traits can influence the timing and firmness of the ears standing up. Due to their genetic makeup, some dogs may experience delayed ear standing.

Hereditary Ear Floppiness

Some French Bulldogs inherit the trait of floppy ears, which means their ears might never fully stand up. This characteristic is often due to specific genetic combinations and is not a health concern but a unique physical feature.


Physical injuries can cause a French Bulldog’s ears to remain down. Damage to the ear cartilage or surrounding areas can affect their ability to stand erect. Ensuring the puppy’s safety is essential to prevent injuries that could impact ear development.



Ear infections can lead to pain and discomfort, causing the ears to droop. Regular cleaning and monitoring for signs of infection, such as redness, odor, or unusual behavior, are crucial for timely treatment and ensuring the ears usually develop.


Tumors or growths in the ear can affect their position and health. Regular check-ups and monitoring for abnormal lumps or discomfort-related behaviors can lead to early detection and treatment.


Allergic reactions can lead to inflammation and discomfort in the ears, causing them to droop. Identifying and managing allergies is essential to maintaining the dog’s comfort and well-being, impacting ear health.

Birth Defect

Some puppies are born with defects that can affect the structure and position of their ears. These congenital issues can lead to floppy ears, and understanding the underlying cause is vital for addressing any associated health concerns.

Lack of Blood Flow to the Ear

Adequate blood flow is essential for the healthy development of ears. If compromised, the ears might not receive enough nutrients to strengthen the cartilage, leading to floppy ears. Ensuring overall health and circulation is crucial.


Excess weight can affect a French Bulldog’s health, including ear development. Maintaining an appropriate weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise contributes to the puppy’s general well-being and ear health.

Ear Mites

Ear mites can cause irritation and inflammation, leading to floppy ears. Regular cleaning and check-ups can help in early detection and treatment, ensuring the ears remain healthy and develop normally.

Slipped Ear Cartilage

Sometimes, the cartilage in the ear can slip, causing the ear to droop. It might be a temporary issue, but if persistent, seeking veterinary advice is essential to understand the underlying cause and appropriate interventions.

Environmental Factors

Environmental stress or poor living conditions can adversely impact the overall development of a French Bulldog, including ear development. Providing a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment is essential for the puppy’s growth and well-being.

Environmental Factors

How to Make your French Bulldog Ears Standup & Stay Up?

Proper Nutrition

A balanced diet is essential in ensuring that your French Bulldog’s ears stand up and stay up. Nutrients, especially calcium, are crucial in strengthening the ear cartilage. Ensure your puppy gets a diet of essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins, including ear health, to support their overall growth and development.

Ear Taping

Ear taping is a common practice used to help the ears stand erect. It involves gently taping the ears upright to provide support as the cartilage strengthens. However, it should be done carefully to avoid discomfort or injury, and it’s often best done under the guidance of a vet.

Ear Massage

Massaging your French Bulldog’s ears can promote blood circulation, which can help strengthen the cartilage. Gentle rubs and massages can stimulate blood flow, delivering essential nutrients to the ear tissues to support their standing up and staying up.


Patience is key when waiting for a French Bulldog’s ears to stand up. Each dog is different, and while some may have their ears stand up earlier, others might take a bit longer. Giving them the time to grow and develop naturally is essential.


Regular exercise contributes to the overall health and development of French Bulldogs. Physical activities enhance circulation, ensuring essential nutrients are delivered to all body parts, including the ears. This can be beneficial for the strengthening and standing up of the ears.

Environmental Enrichment

Providing a stimulating and stress-free environment can also aid in the healthy development of French Bulldogs, including ear standing. Engaging toys, social interactions, and comfortable living spaces can contribute to their physical and mental well-being, indirectly promoting ear health.

Veterinary Care

Regular check-ups with the vet ensure that any health issues are identified and addressed promptly. The vet can also provide specific advice and care tips tailored to your dog’s needs, promoting overall health, including the strengthening and standing of the ears.

How to Make your French Bulldog Ears Standup & Stay Up 

Are French Bulldog’s Floppy Ears Fine?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine for French Bulldogs to have floppy ears, especially during their early developmental stages. Puppies go through a natural phase before their ear cartilage strengthens and the ears begin to stand erect.

Even if the ears remain floppy due to genetic or hereditary factors, it is typically not a sign of any health issue. Each dog is unique, and floppy ears can be a normal and healthy characteristic of individual French Bulldogs.

When to Worry about Floppy Ears in a Frenchie?

  • Ears remain floppy beyond the typical age of ear stand-up (around 5-15 weeks).
  • Visible signs of injury or trauma to the ear area.
  • Symptoms of infection, like redness, swelling, or discharge from the ears.
  • The puppy displays discomfort, constant scratching, or pain around the ear area.
  • One ear is erect, while the other remains floppy for an extended period.
  • A sudden change from standing to floppy ears could indicate a health issue.
  • Presence of parasites or pests like ear mites causing irritation or infection.

When to Worry about Floppy Ears in a Frenchie

How to Prevent Ear Problems in French Bulldogs?

Avoid Water in Ear

Preventing water from entering the French Bulldog’s ears is crucial in avoiding infections. During baths or rainy weather, take precautions to shield the ears, as moisture trapped in the ear canal can lead to infections. Special ear guards or careful washing techniques can keep the ears dry.

Regular Cleaning

Keeping the ears clean is essential for French Bulldogs. Regularly check for dirt, wax, or debris and clean the ears with vet-recommended solutions or wipes to maintain ear health. Be gentle to avoid causing injury, and consult a vet for proper ear cleaning techniques and frequency.

Watch for Infections

Be vigilant for signs of ear infections such as redness, odor, or the dog frequently scratching its ears. Early detection and treatment are vital to preventing the issue from escalating. Regular vet check-ups can also help identify and manage infections before they become severe.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Nutrition is vital to your dog’s overall health, including ear health. Ensure the French Bulldog has a balanced diet supporting immune function and overall bodily health, minimizing the risks of infections or other ear-related health issues.

Regular Vet Check-ups

Regular vet examinations ensure that potential ear problems are identified and addressed early. The vet can provide professional cleaning, inspect for infections, parasites, or other issues, and advise on preventive care tailored to your specific dog.


Why Are French Bulldogs Born with Their Ears Down?

French Bulldogs are born with floppy ears due to the soft and undeveloped cartilage at birth. As they grow and mature, the cartilage in their ears strengthens, leading to the ears standing up, which is a normal developmental phase.

What If My French Bulldog Has One Ear Standing Up and One Floppy?

It’s common for French Bulldogs to have asymmetrical ears temporarily. This usually resolves as the puppy grows and the cartilage strengthens. If it persists, a vet check-up can ensure no underlying health concerns.

Should I Consult a Vet for My French Bulldog’s Floppy Ears?

If the ears remain floppy beyond the expected developmental stage or there are signs of infection or injury, consulting a vet is advisable. The vet can assess ear health and guide care or treatment if needed.

How Often Should I Clean French Bulldog Ears?

French Bulldog ears should be cleaned as needed, typically once every two weeks or monthly, depending on the dog’s needs. Always be gentle and consider using vet-approved cleaning solutions to maintain ear health.

Do Some French Bulldog Ears Never Stand Up?

Yes, some French Bulldogs may have ears that remain floppy throughout their life due to genetic or hereditary factors. It’s a natural variation and doesn’t typically indicate a health problem unless accompanied by other symptoms.

What Should a French Bulldog’s Ear Structure Be Like?

A typical French Bulldog’s ears are “bat-like,” large, and square in shape. They are known for standing erect, giving the breed its distinctive appearance. However, variations exist, and some may have floppy ears due to genetic variations.

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