Ace of PudgyBulls

Meet Ace! He is a new shade isabella and tan merle no brindle no pied! He is an import from Germany and unrelated to other working isabella lines in the US. He is such a sweet loving boy with lots of energy! Such good manners and very smart! He is a thick very well structured boy especially for being his dna. He weighs about 25lbs. Very true type correct structure. Ace is open for stud @5500

DNA is dd coco bb atat emem kyky nn Mm

His merle length is 269 so he produces quite a few harlequin puppies! He is also 4 panel clear.

RoseTown’s Chop Suey of PudgyBulls

Meet Chop Suey! He is now working and available for stud service! This is a very special boy here at PudgyBulls! We waited a long time to choose a dog to bring into the program that carries fluffy because at the end of the day quality is our main goal! When we saw Chop as a baby there was no denying that he was quality that would fit right in here! Every puppy he produces will automatically be a quad carrier, and half his pups will carry fluffy! He is the sweetest baby! Energetic and very obedient and he adores kids the most lol. He is 24lbs of thick crazy bone! He’s compact built and low to the ground with a unique thick square head and perfect (in my opinion) ear set! Total package right here! He is working and available for stud @ $4,000

Chop Suey is a lilac and tan covered in cream (platinum) no brindle no pied carrying fluffy! dd coco ata ee kyky nn l4. He is off the infamous Fozzy bred to a 2x Frozen female! Imported from the UK.

MoBetta’s Sirius Blakk of PudgyBulls

Meet Sirius Blakk! He is the bellymate to our gorgeous Mrs Oakley. He is a very small thick boy weighing 21.3lbs. He is a black tri who carrie blue and chocolate, no brindle no pied. He comes from the pairing of MBK’s King James x Cali. He is very small while still maintaining his “PudgyBull” look. He is very very short backed and thick. He has a very energetic personality! He likes to play games and do funny little things to make us laugh! He is a very well behaved smart baby. He is 100% health tested clear! He is now residing with my good buddy Albert Maldanado @unleashedbullies

His DNA is Dd Bb AtAt Em/E kyky nn. He is 21 lbs of compact gorilla-style craziness lol. He is a super smart affectionate boy who plays soccer in his spare time. His bloodlines are incredible including, ShrinkaBulls, Beastline, El Choco (King James), and more!

Hilltop’s Lilac Legend aka Rooster

Meet Lilac Legend! He is a lilac and tan merle stud! He comes from exceptional bloodlines. He is an amazing breather, very athletic, and full of life! He is closed to the public! But returning PudgyBull customers can use him @$3k.

PudgyBull’s Rated PG for “disturbing purple gorilla content”

Meet PG! He is our very own production! This boy is everything i hope to create in all of my breedings! He is a lilac and tan in a tiny thick short backed package! He is only 17.6lbs. He is extremely thick and extremely short backed (7.5in back to be exact :))! He is really something that you have to see in person to believe lol. He is off Capone (Flex son) X Oakley (Sirius Blakk’s littermate sister) Health tested clear except 1 copy DM also clear for Cyst3

Oscar (Closed for public studding)

Oscar is our Hungarian import. He has huge features while still maintaining a smaller compact structure! He is 4 panel health tested clear for any genetic diseases. Oscar is truly a one of a kind stud. Everything about him is overdone without compromising his health or his movement! Oscar has gorgeous straight legs, a nice correct topline, and a very thick muscular rear. Oscar weighs 31.3lbs, but dont let his weight fool you, he is extremely large boned and thick. He is a great size with lots of mass. Also, his personality is amazing! He is very very laid back and Sweet. His calm demeanor is exceptional. He loves everyone and everything. He is a stranger to no one and gets along well with other males, females, puppies, cats, kids etc etc.

Full Health panel tests CLEAR

Full Color DNA is dd Bb AyAt kyky One copy of Pied No brindle and he is maskless