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How to Keep your French Bulldog Warm at Night?

How to Keep your French Bulldog Warm at Night?

Keeping a French Bulldog warm at night involves providing a cozy sleeping environment, away from drafts and cold floors. Use warm bedding materials or heated pet beds for extra warmth. Dressing your Frenchie in appropriate dog clothing like sweaters or coats can also be helpful. Ensure they have a balanced diet to maintain body heat, and consider safe, pet-specific heaters if needed. Always monitor their comfort and health, especially during colder nights, to make necessary adjustments.

French Bulldog Warm at Night

What Temperature is too cold for a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are sensitive to cold due to their short coats and can begin to feel uncomfortable at temperatures below 50°F (10°C). At temperatures around freezing (32°F, 0°C), they’re at risk for hypothermia and frostbite, especially during prolonged exposure. It’s essential to monitor your Frenchie closely in cold weather, providing extra warmth and shelter as needed to ensure their comfort and safety.

What Temperature is too cold for a French Bulldog

Strategies to Keep your Frenchie Warm at Night

Warm Bedding

Provide thick, insulated bedding to keep your Frenchie off the cold floor. A raised bed or one with additional padding can insulate from cold temperatures and offer a cozy sleeping environment, ensuring warmth and comfort.

Blankets and Covers

Offer extra blankets or covers that your pet can snuggle into. Fleece or wool materials can provide significant warmth. Make sure they are just the right size for your Frenchie to move and breathe comfortably.

Indoor Shelter

Allow your Frenchie to sleep indoors during colder nights. An indoor environment is typically warmer and can be easily adjusted to ensure optimal comfort and warmth, reducing the risk of hypothermia and other cold-related issues.

Warm Clothing

Provide specially designed dog sweaters or jackets to offer an added layer of warmth. Ensure they are the right fit and are comfortable for your Frenchie, offering protection against the cold without restricting movement.

Heated Pet Beds

Consider heated pet beds or pads that are specifically designed to provide safe and consistent warmth. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe usage and consider your pet’s comfort preference.

Room Temperature

Maintain a warm room temperature where your Frenchie sleeps. Utilizing safe space heaters or maintaining central heating during cold nights can ensure the environment remains comfortable and cozy.

Dietary Support

Ensure your Frenchie has a well-balanced diet to maintain energy levels and body warmth. A nutritious diet plays a vital role in overall health, including the dog’s ability to withstand colder temperatures.

Professional Advice

For extreme weather conditions, seek advice from a vet on additional steps to keep your Frenchie warm. Professional advice can be tailored to your specific location, and your pet’s health and needs, ensuring optimal comfort and safety.

Strategies to Keep your Frenchie Warm at Night

Where a French Bulldog should Sleep?


French Bulldogs should sleep indoors as they are sensitive to extreme temperatures. A designated spot within the living quarters ensures they are safe, comfortable, and protected from harsh weather conditions.

Dog Bed

A comfortable, well-cushioned French Bulldog bed in a quiet and warm corner of the house can be an excellent sleeping spot. Ensure it’s away from drafts and cold floors to provide warmth and comfort.


Some owners prefer crate training their Frenchies. Ensure the crate is comfortable, with adequate bedding, and is placed in a location where the dog can feel part of the family but also have privacy for sleeping.

Owner’s Bedroom

Many French Bulldogs enjoy sleeping in their owner’s bedroom. This can either be on a separate dog bed or, for some owners, allowing the dog to sleep on the bed, which can promote bonding and provide warmth and security for the dog.

Restricted Areas

It’s also essential to set boundaries to avoid the Frenchie developing sleeping habits in undesirable areas like the kitchen counter or dining table.

Where a French Bulldog should Sleep

Signs that Frenchie is Cold

  • Shivering or Trembling: Your Frenchie might shiver or tremble, a clear physical response to lower temperatures.
  • Seeking Warmth: The dog might constantly look for warm places, or burrow into blankets and clothing to find warmth.
  • Hesitation to Go Outside: If your Frenchie hesitates or refuses to go out in the cold, it’s a sign they’re feeling chilly.
  • Lethargy: Sluggish movements or decreased activity can be signs that the cold is affecting their comfort and energy levels.
  • Curling Up: Curling into a tight ball to conserve body heat is another indication of them feeling cold.
  • Whining or Anxiety: Vocalizations or signs of discomfort can indicate that they’re cold and seeking warmth.
  • Cold to the Touch: If their body or ears are cold to touch, it is an immediate indication of lowered body temperature.
  • Lifting Paws: When outside, lifting paws off the cold ground is a sign that they’re feeling the chill.
  • Hunched Posture: A hunched posture with the tail tucked can indicate an attempt to keep themselves warm.

Signs that Frenchie is Cold

How to Treat Cold in a French Bulldog?

  • Provide Warmth: Keep the Frenchie in a warm environment, away from drafts and cold floors. Providing a cozy bed with blankets can make a significant difference in their comfort.
  • Monitor Symptoms: Keep a close eye on the symptoms. If the dog exhibits prolonged or severe cold symptoms like persistent coughing, difficulty breathing, or lethargy, it’s advisable to consult a vet.
  • Ensure Hydration and Nutrition: Maintaining proper hydration and nutrition is crucial. Ensure the Frenchie continues to drink and eat. Warm (not hot) broths can also be soothing.
  • Limit Exposure to Cold: Minimize the dog’s exposure to cold temperatures. Shorten the walks and consider dog sweaters or jackets for added warmth during outings.
  • Humidifier: Use a humidifier to add moisture to the indoor air, helping alleviate respiratory discomfort associated with colds.
  • Vet Consultation: If symptoms persist, especially respiratory issues or if the dog seems particularly unwell, a vet consultation is essential to rule out more serious conditions and get appropriate treatments.
  • Provide Comfort: Offer extra affection and comfort. Keeping the Frenchie calm and comfortable can aid the recovery process.

How to Treat Cold in a French Bulldog


Can a French Bulldog sleep with me in my bed?

Yes, a French Bulldog can sleep in your bed if you’re comfortable with it. It can foster bonding and provide extra warmth for the dog. However, consider potential allergies, sleep disruptions, and establishing boundaries.

Can French Bulldogs wear dog sweaters overnight?

French Bulldogs can wear sweaters overnight, especially in cold weather. Ensure the sweater is comfortable and not too tight, and regularly check for any signs of irritation or overheating to ensure the dog’s safety and comfort.

Is a heater safe for my French Bulldog?

A heater can be safe if used with caution. Ensure it is pet-friendly, and always monitor the temperature to avoid overheating. Keep the heater at a safe distance from the dog to prevent burns or accidents.

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