How much Water should a French Bulldog Drink?

How much Water should a French Bulldog Drink?

A French Bulldog should typically consume between 0.5 to 1 ounce of Water per pound of body weight daily. This means a 20-pound Frenchie could require 10 to 20 ounces of Water daily. Factors influencing water needs include activity level, diet, and environmental conditions. Always ensure that fresh, clean water is readily available for them to drink as needed. Monitor their water intake and consult a vet if you notice significant changes, which could indicate health issues.

French Bulldog Drinking Water

How often should a French Bulldog Drink Water in a Day?

A French Bulldog should have constant access to fresh, clean water throughout the day. There isn’t a strict “number of times” they should drink Water daily, as it depends on individual needs, influenced by factors like activity level, weather, and diet. They may drink more frequently during hot weather or after physical activity. The key is to observe if the dog is drinking adequately to remain hydrated, neither too much nor too little, and consult a vet if there are notable changes in the drinking pattern, as it could indicate underlying health issues.

How often should a French Bulldog Drink Water in a Day

How to Know If my French Bulldog is Dehydrated?

  • Dry or Sticky Gums: A hydrated dog will have wet, slick gums. If your Frenchie’s gums are dry or sticky, they might be dehydrated.
  • Loss of Skin Elasticity: Gently pinch your dog’s skin. Your dog might need more water if it doesn’t return to its normal position quickly.
  • Lethargy or Weakness: If your Frenchie is less energetic than usual, it could be a sign of dehydration, and increased water intake may be necessary.
  • Increased Panting or Rapid Breathing: While French Bulldogs are prone to breathing difficulties, excessive panting or rapid breathing can indicate dehydration.
  • Dryness: Sunken Eyes or Dry Nose are physical signs that your dog isn’t getting enough Water.
  • Concentrated Urine: If your dog’s urine is darker and has a strong odor, it might indicate they need to drink more Water.

How to Know If my French Bulldog is Dehydrated

How to Deal with Dehydration in a French Bulldog?

Provide Immediate Access to Water

Ensure your Frenchie has ready access to clean, fresh Water. If they’re hesitant to drink, try to encourage them gently, but don’t force them. Adequate water intake is the first step in combatting dehydration.

Offer Small Amounts Frequently

Offering Water in small, frequent amounts for a severely dehydrated dog can be more beneficial. This approach prevents vomiting and ensures the body absorbs the fluids more effectively, gradually restoring hydration.

Consider Rehydration Solutions

In addition to Water, rehydration solutions or electrolyte supplements can aid rehydration. These solutions help restore lost electrolytes and are often more effective than Water alone in severe cases.

Control the Environment

Ensure your dog is in a cool, shaded environment, especially during hot weather. Avoiding heat exposure reduces the risk of exacerbated dehydration and supports recovery.

Seek Veterinary Care

If the signs of dehydration persist or are severe, seeking professional veterinary care is essential. A vet can administer intravenous or subcutaneous fluids and assess underlying dehydration causes for appropriate treatment.

Observe for Improvement

After taking initial steps to address dehydration, closely monitor your Frenchie for improvements. Look for increased energy levels, moister gums, and improved skin elasticity as signs of recovering hydration.

Preventive Measures

Focus on preventive care by ensuring constant access to Water, avoiding excessive heat, and regularly monitoring your Frenchie’s hydration status. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in maintaining your pet’s optimal health.

How to Deal with Dehydration in a French Bulldog

Why my French Bulldog is Drinking a lot of Water?


If your French Bulldog is experiencing diarrhea, it may lead to a significant loss of fluids, causing your pet to drink more water to compensate for the dehydration. It’s an automatic response to replenish the body’s water levels. It’s vital to address the underlying cause of diarrhea to normalize the drinking habits.


A fever increases your Frenchie’s metabolism and evaporation of Water from the body, leading to increased thirst. The dog will naturally drink more Water to cool down their body temperature and replace the lost fluids to maintain hydration.


Infections, especially urinary tract infections, can make your French Bulldog drink more Water. The increased fluid intake helps flush out the infection-causing agents from the body, aiding in the healing process. Always consult a vet for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Diet is Dry

A diet consisting mainly of dry food can lead to increased water consumption. Dry food contains less moisture than wet food; thus, your Frenchie might be drinking more water to compensate for the lack of moisture in their diet.


Diabetes can lead to increased thirst and urination in dogs, including French Bulldogs. It occurs as the body tries to balance blood sugar levels and eliminate excess glucose through urine, requiring increased water intake to stay hydrated.

Liver Disease

Liver disease can alter your dog’s normal body functions, including fluid regulation. If your French Bulldog is drinking excessive Water, it might be a symptom indicating liver dysfunction. Immediate veterinary attention is essential for diagnosis and treatment.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease often leads to increased thirst as the dog’s body attempts to flush out toxins. The kidneys aren’t functioning properly, so increased water intake helps compensate for their reduced efficiency and aids in eliminating waste from the body.

Adrenal Hormone Disease

Conditions like Cushing’s disease, caused by an excess of adrenal hormones, often lead to increased thirst and urination. If your French Bulldog consumes excessive Water, it could indicate an underlying hormonal imbalance requiring veterinary evaluation and treatment.

Behavioral Issues

Sometimes, increased water drinking can be linked to behavioral issues. Stress, anxiety, or boredom can lead a dog to drink more Water. It’s essential to evaluate any changes in the dog’s environment or routine that could contribute to this behavior.

Age and Physiological Changes

As dogs age, their bodily functions and systems can become less efficient, sometimes leading to increased water intake. Additionally, puppies might drink more due to their active nature and developmental needs.

Why my French Bulldog is Drinking a lot of Water

Why my French Bulldog is Drinking a Little Water?

  • Dental Issues: Pain or discomfort in the mouth or teeth can make drinking water difficult for your Frenchie.
  • Illness: Various illnesses can lead to decreased appetite and water intake, such as infections or more severe conditions like cancer.
  • Environmental Stress: Environmental changes, such as moving to a new home or introducing a new pet, can lead to stress and reduced water consumption.
  • Water Quality: If the Water is fresh and has an odd taste or odor, your French Bulldog might be willing to drink it.
  • Feeding Wet Food: If you are feeding your dog a lot of wet food, they might drink less Water since it can contribute to their hydration needs.
  • Behavioral Issues: Behavioral problems, including depression or anxiety, can reduce food and water intake.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Problems like nausea, indigestion, or gastrointestinal upset can decrease the desire to eat or drink.
  • Old Age or Joint Problems: Older dogs or those with joint problems may find moving painful, leading to decreased trips to the water bowl.
  • Kidney Disease: In some stages of kidney disease, dogs may start to drink less Water; it’s essential to consult a vet if decreased drinking is observed along with other symptoms.


How long can a French Bulldog live without Water?

Like most dogs, a French Bulldog can survive for a shorter period without Water compared to food, typically around two to three days. However, health issues arise within hours of dehydration. It’s essential always to ensure your Frenchie has access to clean Water.

How much Water should your French Bulldog puppy drink in a day?

A French Bulldog puppy should drink approximately one-half ounce of Water per pound of body weight daily. As they’re active and growing, their hydration needs are crucial for healthy development, but it can vary depending on diet and activity level.

Should you give Water to a French Bulldog before sleep?

Water should be accessible to your Frenchie before sleep, but monitor their intake to minimize nighttime bathroom needs. Ensure the Water is fresh and the bowl is clean to encourage drinking.

Should you give Water to a French Bulldog in the morning?

Offering Water in the morning helps rehydrate your Frenchie after a night’s sleep. Ensure to refill the water bowl with fresh water to encourage them to drink and start the day hydrated.

Should you give Water to a French Bulldog after a walk?

Yes, offering Water to your Frenchie after a walk is essential to help them rehydrate, especially after physical exertion or if the weather is warm. Provide small amounts gradually if they are panting heavily to ensure safe drinking.

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