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How do French bulldogs show they Love you? 15 Signs of Affection

How do French bulldogs show they Love you?

French Bulldogs express their affection in various endearing ways. They are known for their loyalty and will often follow their owners everywhere, showcasing attachment. A Frenchie might express their love with licks, kisses, or nuzzle and lean into you as signs of affection. They are also known for their playful behavior, so an invitation for play or the wagging of their tail when you’re around can indicate their love and happiness. Moreover, a relaxed Frenchie that enjoys sleeping in your lap or cuddling with you is a clear sign of trust and affection.

French bulldogs show they Love you

Who are Bulldogs Affectionate Toward?

Bulldogs are affectionate towards their family members and owners, forming strong bonds of loyalty and love. They are known to be remarkably gentle and loving with children, making them good family pets. Bulldogs can also be friendly towards guests and strangers if appropriately socialized, although they might be initially reserved. Their affectionate nature can extend to other pets in the household, forming amicable relationships when introduced properly, showcasing their generally friendly and loving temperament.

15 Ways French Bulldogs Show Love to Humans

Wiggly Bums and Tails

When French Bulldogs are excited to see their owners, their little bums and tails wiggle enthusiastically. This uncontainable expression of happiness signifies their love and delight in your presence, showcasing a lively form of affection.

Following You

A Frenchie that follows you everywhere considers you their pack leader and shows deep attachment. It shows trust and affection, indicating their desire to be close to and involved in your activities, showcasing loyalty.

Sloppy Kisses

French Bulldogs express their love and affection openly through sloppy kisses, making their love for their humans unmistakable. This behavior showcases their playful and loving nature and reflects the strong bond they share with their owners. Each kiss is a Frenchie’s way of expressing trust, security, and comfort they feel in their human presence, an adorable gesture appreciated by many pet parents.


The cuddle from a French Bulldog is more than just seeking warmth; it is a profound expression of affection and trust. When a Frenchie snuggles close, it communicates their dependency and confidence in their human companion. The physical closeness deepens the bond, portraying their affection and the innate desire to be near those they hold dear.


Bringing You Things

A Frenchie offering their prized possessions signifies more than a playful gesture; it embodies the epitome of trust and affection. In their innocent canine way, sharing toys or favorite items symbolizes a deep connection, an intricate dance of offering and receiving that strengthens the daily bond between pet and owner.

Contagious Yawning

The peculiar yet endearing act of a Frenchie yawning in unison with its owner is rooted in empathy and connection. It symbolizes their attunement to human emotions and actions, a silent testament to the invisible threads of companionship weaving their souls together in a dance of mutual affection and understanding.

Raised Eyebrows

A silent sonnet of love and adoration is a subtle lift of a French Bulldog’s eyebrows when they gaze at their owner. It’s a visual cue of their affection, a tender gesture that echoes the depth of their emotional attachment. Each eyebrow raised is a Frenchie’s ode to the bond they cherish with their human.


When greeting their owner, the exuberant jumps of a French Bulldog aren’t just an expression of excitement but a profound display of affection. Every leap is a testament to the joy they associate with their human presence. It’s an unfiltered, raw, and animated expression of love that knows no bounds.

Nudging You

The gentle nudges from a Frenchie aren’t accidental but are conscious expressions of their need for affection and attention. Each nudge is a tender plea for love, a subtle yet powerful testament to the depth of their emotional world and their constant desire to dwell in the warmth of human connection.

Nudging You

Rolling Over

When a French Bulldog rolls over, it’s not just an invitation for belly rubs but a display of ultimate trust. Exposing their most vulnerable part, they communicate an unequivocal trust and affection for their owner. It’s a silent yet poignant act, echoing the depths of a bond rooted in love and security.


The contented sigh of a Frenchie isn’t just a sign of physical relaxation but an audible expression of emotional comfort. When nestled close to their human, each sigh is a vocal echo of the love and security they feel, a melodious tune that serenades the intimate bond shared.

Eye Contact

A Frenchie’s sustained eye contact is not mere observation but a silent conversation of love and trust. In those quiet moments, a world of affection is exchanged, weaving the intricate threads of an unspoken bond that thrives on mutual respect and adoration.

Face Licking

Each lick from a French Bulldog is a tender touch of affection, a canine kiss that signifies love and respect. Rooted in their social behaviors, face licking isn’t just grooming but an intimate gesture that reaffirms the special bond between them and their human.

Sleeping Close to You

The choice of a Frenchie to sleep close is not just a quest for warmth but a testament to the trust and affection they hold. Every snuggle, every curl close, echoes the silent whispers of profound love, painting a quiet yet vivid portrait of an unbreakable bond.

Sleeping Close to You

Possessive Behavior

A Frenchie’s possessiveness isn’t dominance but an intricate dance of love and protection. Each act of possessiveness is a silent vow of loyalty, an unyielding testament to their unwavering commitment to stand guard and cherish the humans they hold dear.

French Bulldog Behaviors that Don’t Mean Love & Affection

  • Aggression: If a French Bulldog shows aggression, such as growling, snapping, or biting, it’s not a sign of affection. It often stems from fear, anxiety, or territorial behavior, requiring behavioral intervention for resolution.
  • Excessive Barking: While occasional barking can be a means of communication, excessive barking is typically not a sign of affection. It can indicate anxiety, fear, or a need for attention and should be addressed appropriately.
  • Destructive Behavior: When a Frenchie engages in destructive behaviors like chewing furniture or digging, it is not an affectionate act but often a sign of anxiety, boredom, or lack of exercise.
  • Food Guarding: If your Frenchie is possessive over food, this behavior does not represent love or affection. It’s a form of resource guarding and can be addressed through training to mitigate potential aggression.
  • Jumping Excessively: While occasional jumping can be a sign of excitement and affection, excessive and uncontrolled jumping might indicate a lack of training or over-excitement rather than affection.
  • Marking: Urinary marking inside the home is not a sign of affection. It can stem from anxiety, territorial behaviors, or underlying medical issues and should be addressed.
  • Avoidance: If your Frenchie avoids you or seems distant, it is typically not a sign of affection. This behavior can indicate stress, anxiety, or health issues requiring attention.
  • Nipping or Biting: While playful nipping can occur during play, excessive or hard biting is not a sign of affection and might indicate a need for training and socialization.
  • Over Dominance: An overly dominant Frenchie is not displaying affection. This behavior, characterized by controlling actions, must be managed through training to establish boundaries.

French Bulldog Behaviors that Don’t Mean Love & Affection

How to Make a French Bulldog Love you if they Don’t?

  • Build Trust: Establishing a bond of trust is crucial. Be patient and consistent in your interactions, offering a safe and comfortable environment for the Frenchie to feel secure.
  • Spend Quality Time: Spend ample time engaging in activities your Frenchie enjoys. Whether it’s playtime, walks, or cuddles, quality time fosters connection and affection.
  • Training Sessions: Incorporate positive reinforcement training sessions. Praise and rewards not only improve behavior but also strengthen the bond between you and your Frenchie.
  • Exercise and Play: Engage in regular exercise and play activities. Physical engagement not only keeps them healthy but also allows opportunities for bonding.
  • Proper Nutrition: Provide a balanced and nutritious diet. It caters to their physical well-being and shows care, contributing to building affection.
  • Grooming: Regular grooming sessions can be a time of bonding. Be gentle and make the experience positive, enhancing the connection.
  • Respect Their Space: Give them space when needed. Respect their independence and allow them comfort, showcasing understanding and consideration.
  • Socialization: Socialize your Frenchie with different environments, animals, and people. Positive experiences enhance their confidence and trust in you as their guide and protector.
  • Affection and Praise: Offer affection and praise consistently. Positive affirmations and gentle physical affection communicate love and care.
  • Understand Their Needs: Attune to their specific needs and preferences. Tailor your care and interactions to suit their temperament, fostering a personalized bond.
  • Seek Professional Help: Consider seeking professional help if behavioral issues persist. A professional can provide tailored strategies to foster affection and address behavioral concerns.

How to Show Affection and Love Back to Your French Bulldog?

  • Regularly pet and cuddle your Frenchie to physically express love.
  • Spend quality time playing and engaging in their favorite activities.
  • Offer treats and praise to reinforce positive behaviors.
  • Take them for regular walks and outings to explore and socialize.
  • Address their grooming needs, keeping them clean and comfortable.
  • Speak to them in a soft, loving tone to convey affection verbally.
  • Be patient and understanding of their behaviors and needs.
  • Protect them from stressful and unsafe situations, ensuring their comfort.
  • Involve them in family activities to make them feel included and loved.
  • Provide toys and enrichment to keep them engaged and happy.


Are French Bulldogs Affectionate by Nature?

Yes, French Bulldogs are inherently affectionate. They’re known for loving, friendly nature and thrive on human interaction. Their companionship and caring behaviors make them popular pets.

Do French Bulldogs have a Favorite Person?

French Bulldogs often strongly bond with one person, showcasing a distinct preference. They exhibit intense loyalty and affection, following their favorite human and seeking their attention and company the most.

Are French Bulldogs Loyal?

Frenchies are exceptionally loyal dogs, forming strong bonds with their owners. They’re known for their unwavering loyalty, offering companionship, and being protective of their loved ones.

Do French Bulldogs Love Kids?

French Bulldogs typically get along well with children. They are gentle, playful, and patient, making them suitable companions for kids when socialized and supervised appropriately.

Who is More Affectionate between Male and Female French Bulldog?

Male French Bulldogs are often considered more affectionate and seek more attention, while females can be more independent and territorial. However, temperament varies, and both genders can be equally loving with proper socialization and training.

Do French Bulldogs like to be Picked up?

French Bulldogs have individual preferences; some enjoy being picked up and held for cuddles, while others may prefer to keep their feet on the ground. Being picked up can make them feel secure and loved, but it’s essential for owners to gauge their Frenchie’s comfort level. Always ensure proper support to their body while lifting to make the experience pleasant.

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