Frenchy INFO

Hey there guys! I would like to take a moment to share a little bit of information about French Bulldogs! They can be prone to a few issues, but with the proper care and products, you can sit back and just spend time loving your baby for many years to come!

Frenchy care:

Wrinkles: French Bulldogs are SO CUTE with their little wrinkled faces aren’t they? Well, all those wrinkles sometimes need special care. At least once a week, their folds and wrinkles and tail pockets, should be cleaned so that they dont get irritated. There are some amazing products on the market to keep those rolls nice and clean! I will list some products that I love at the bottom of this page.

Anal glands: French Bulldogs have a tendency to get infected anal glands (I know, sounds really bad) but don’t get scared! If you ever see your little pet dragging his booty across the floor seeming to be scratching his or her booty, a trip to the vet might be in order. Your vet can very easily clean those out for you! This is not something that happens all the time, and some dogs dont have a problem with it at all!

Bathing: French Bulldogs sometimes tend to have sensitive skin. So buy a good high quality shampoo that is hypoallergenic or for sensitive skin.

Allergies: Like any bulldog, some Frenchies have allergies. You can consult with your veterinarian about your dog if you think he/she may be expressing allergic reactions. Allergice reactions can express as whelps, hives, dry flaky skin, itching, chewing of paws or base of tail, ear infections, red eyes and such. Sometimes a simple switch in their diet can make all the difference!

Regular vet visits: Before you purchase a French Bulldog, find a vet preferably one that is familiar with the flat faced breeds. Keeping your dog up to date on vaccinations and regular vet visits are a must to keep your baby in tip top shape!

Excercise: French Bulldogs really dont require a lot of exercise. They do very well with about an hour of exercise a day.

Heat and cold Sensitivities: This is probably one of the most important things to remember with French Bulldogs. Because they are a flat faced breed, they are not able to cool themselves as well as other breeds. They are susceptible to heat stroke if they are kept out in weather above 70 degrees for long periods of time. Just watch your baby, when they pant and seem to have trouble, bring them into a cooler area. Always make sure they have access to fresh cool water. They are also sensitive to colder temperatures. Because their ears stick up and catch all that cold wind, and their bellies have little to no hair on them, they can be subject to hypothermia. So on cold days make sure they dont stay outside too long!

Chewing: Bulldogs are AVID CHEWERS. Especially puppies! You wouldn’t think such a small cuddly animal could have such powerful chewing power! But I always recommend indestructible toys, and Marrow bones to keep them busy. Also NO Nyla Bones, NO rawhide as they can chew chunks off and choke on them, not to mention they are cured with all kinds of chemicals that can be toxic to dogs! Kong toys filled with peanut butter (always All Natural Peanut Butter, avoid Peanut butters with Xylitol as it is toxic to dogs) make great chewy toys! I do recommend crate training your puppy as it will help with house training for one, and it keeps your puppy in a safe environment until he gets older and learns not to chew on things that could hurt him.

House Training: French Bulldogs are very very smart! But some can be difficult to house break. I recommend crate training from the moment you bring your puppy home! If the puppy is out of his crate watch him every minute. If he starts to potty on the floor immediately scoop him up and place him in the desired potty area and them give tons of praise as soon as he does his business! Negative attention or punishments do NOT work with French Bulldogs. They are very sensitive and want to please their owners. Praise and positive reinforcements work 100% awesome with these guys! You will be amazed to see how quickly they catch on when they see they make you happy for doing something!

I’d like to share some of the wonderful products that I have come to love!

  1. My favorite shampoo! This awesome shampoo seems to work universally for all skin types! Its hypoallergenic and smells like you just treated your baby to a 5 star grooming salon!
  2. My favorite Daily care vitamin! Dogs seem to love the taste and its very beneficial to give your baby a daily vitamin especially while they are growing!
  3. My favorite daily vitamin for bladder health. Some frenchies are prone to bladder and urinary tract infections. In addition to making sure they are drinking good quality water and eating a good quality food, you can daily add a cranberry supplement.
  4. My favorite dog bed! If you don’t already know, you may find out the hard way that a lot of bulldogs like to chew on their bed or pee in them lol. So I’ll save you the trouble of buying 100 different beds and recommend my favorite bed and also the favorite bed of my lil frenchy friends.
  5. My favorite daily supplement for my breeding animals! Its an old school remedy for low fertility or even infertility. It also aids in joint health and immune system, so it can’t hurt to give to all frenchies! And they love it!–T8aQsoZjHw&hsa_cr_id=2308926480001&ref_=sb_s_sparkle_slot
  6. Let’s talk about dog food… There is so many overwhelming articles on what is the bests dog food out there, and if you search any at all, you will find that EVERYONE has “the best”. As a pet owner finding the right food for your pet can be a long drawn out process. In my 10 plus years of breeding, I have come to rely on a couple of dog foods that I have come to love! Now, that being said, choosing the right food for your pet, depends a lot on your pet. Your pet may have intolerances or allergies to certain proteins, grains, dyes, etc etc. I have literally tried every dog food on the market! I recommend starting with one of these 3 brands. If your dog has a Grain sensitivity try this : The fish is a very easily digested protein for dogs with sensitive stomachs as well as the sweet potato provides lots of fiber . It is a grain free, so I do recommend an added taurine supplement which I will provide in a link a little further down. If your pet seems to do well with a grain infused dog food, try the Purina Pro Plan line I prefer this one . Lastly, my all time favorite food in which I have come to love very much for my babies is . We feed the Salmon and ancient grains. We also like the chicken and pork mix!
  7. My favorite treats! So, you may think that a treat is a treat right? There is a lot of trash out there on the market disguised as dog treats. Please be careful what your baby has for a treat! Watch out for rawhides! Never give any dog a rawhide! They are not digestable and very dangerous for your dogs to have! Try to give a good ole smoked bone with the marrow they love it! Also try to do a natural freeze dried liver or chicken. Ill supply links for all my favorite treats!
  8. My favorite Probiotic supplement! Frenchies often times have sensitive stomachs, which can lead to diarrhea, little episodes of throwing up, blood in their stool, lethargy, pickiness on eating their food. A good daily probiotic will help you keep your babies tummy on track! I will post a link to my 2 favorite ones :
  9. My favorite Heart healthy Taurine supplement! So I am sure we have all seen the new studies out on the grain free dog food being linked to heart disease and even death! But why? Its because the grains provide a much needed taurine supplement that they dont get from a grain free food. Your baby may have allergies to grains! So what do you do? Feed your baby his/her favorite grain free food with a heart healthy taurine supplement added daily! viola! Here is a link to my favorite Taurine supplement
  10. My favorite Sterilizing germ killer! No one wants germs near their babies! Just like for our little human kids, we like to make sure that our babies are not being exposed to germs bacteria and viruses laying around on surfaces and or growing in their food and water bowls or in their crates! You want a good quality cleaner that is safe for your dogs and also strong enough to kill even the most scary viruses like Parvo! We like this product for all of our germ and virus killing needs
  11. My favorite Air Purifier! Is it going overboard to make sure that your babies are breathing fresh clean air? Absolutely not! Your frenchy babies can suffer from breathing in fungi, dust, germs, pathogens, and even airborn Viruses! So we like to recommend an amazing air purifier that litterally obliterates all these in your home! Its also very beneficial you the humans in the house as well!

I hope some of this information helps you with your new puppy! Please feel free to send me an email if you have any additional questions! We always make time to help with questions!