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French Bulldog vs. American Bully: Which is a Good Pet?

French Bulldog vs. American Bully: Which is a Good Pet?

Difference between French Bulldog and American Bully

French Bulldogs are smaller, weighing under 28 pounds, with bat-like ears, a short snout, and a compact, muscular build. They are known for their playful, affectionate nature and adapt well to various living environments. On the other hand, American Bullies are larger, weighing up to 120 pounds, with a stockier, more muscular build, and a broader head and chest. They are known for their loyalty, confidence, and friendly demeanor, and they require more space and exercise.

French Bulldog Vs American Bully

Attributes American Bully French Bulldog
Group Companion dog Non-sporting dog
Origin United States France
Height Male 33 – 50 cm (12 – 20 inches) 27 – 35 cm (10 – 14 inches)
Height Female 33 – 50 cm (12 – 20 inches) 24 – 32 cm (9 – 13 inches)
Weight Male 30 – 50 kg (66 – 111 pounds) 9 – 14 kg (19 – 31 pounds)
Weight Female 30 – 50 kg (66 – 111 pounds) 8 – 13 kg (17 – 29 pounds)
Life Span 8 – 12 Years 10 – 12 Years
Litter Size 8-Apr 5-Mar
Health  hip dysplasia, allergies, and heart problems brachycephalic syndrome, joint diseases, and allergies
Size Large dog Medium dog
Colors Brindle, Black, Fawn, White, Tan, Brown, Blue, Red, Grey White, Tan, Brindle, Fawn, Brindle and White
Coat Short Short and fine
Shedding Moderate Minimal
Temperament Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Friendly, Intelligent, Loyal, Social Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Independent, Lively, Loyal, Playful, Quiet, Social
Grooming Low maintenance High maintenance
Trainability Easy Hard
Hypoallergenic No No
Kids Friendly Yes No
New Owners Friendly No Yes
Cost Variable, but often less expensive due to larger litter sizes and less breeding complications Variable, can be expensive due to smaller litter sizes and common breeding complications

Benefits of Keeping an American Bully

Loyalty and Companionship

American Bullies are known for their extreme loyalty and affection towards their owners. They form strong bonds and provide companionship, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. Their playful and social nature makes them excellent pets for families, singles, and seniors.

Security and Protection

These dogs are muscular and robust, instilling a sense of security in their owners. American Bullies are protective and can be trained to be excellent guard dogs. Their intimidating appearance can deter potential intruders, while their loyalty ensures they are always on alert to protect their family.

Exercise and Activity

American Bullies are energetic and enjoy being active, encouraging owners to exercise regularly. Whether it’s walking, playing, or training, these activities promote a healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, and mental well-being for both the pet and the owner.

Socialization and Training

They are intelligent and trainable, which means they can be socialized to behave well around people and other pets. Training an American Bully can be a rewarding experience as they are eager to please and learn quickly. This process also strengthens the bond between the pet and the owner.

Mental Health Benefits

The companionship of an American Bully can provide emotional support, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Their playful and loving nature uplifts the spirits of their owners. The responsibility of caring for a pet also provides a sense of purpose and routine, positively impacting mental health.

Community and Networking

Being a part of the American Bully community can open avenues for networking with other dog owners. It provides opportunities to share experiences, seek advice, and participate in events. This enhances social interactions and provides a sense of belonging to a broader community of enthusiasts and breeders.

Benefits of Keeping an American Bully

Challenges of Keeping an American Bully

  • Requires regular exercise and mental stimulation
  • Needs consistent training and socialization
  • Prone to specific health issues, requiring regular veterinary check-ups
  • They can be perceived as intimidating due to their muscular build
  • May face breed-specific legislations and restrictions in some areas
  • Requires a balanced diet to maintain their muscular physique
  • They can be costly to care for, considering their dietary and medical needs
  • Needs early socialization to prevent aggression or anxiety issues
  • A strong, energetic nature may be overwhelming for some owners
  • They may not be suitable for apartment living due to their size and energy level

Challenges of Keeping an American Bully

Benefits of Keeping a French Bulldog


French Bulldogs are highly adaptable, making them perfect for various living environments. They’re suitable for apartment living due to their smaller size and moderate energy levels. They can comfortably live in urban and suburban settings, making them versatile companions.

Low Maintenance Exercise Needs

These dogs require less exercise than other breeds, making them ideal for busy individuals or those with a laid-back lifestyle. A few short walks and playtime are generally enough to keep a French Bulldog happy and healthy, reducing the time commitment for their owners.

Affectionate Nature

French Bulldogs are exceptionally affectionate and form strong bonds with their families. Their loving nature makes them excellent companions that offer emotional support and comfort. They are known to be particularly good with children, providing friendship and entertainment.

Easy Grooming

With their short coat, French Bulldogs have relatively low grooming maintenance. Regular brushing and occasional baths are sufficient to keep them clean and healthy. This ease of care saves time and effort while ensuring the pet looks its best.

Social Dogs

French Bulldogs are social and enjoy being around people, making them great for families and individuals. They tend to get along well with other pets and are known for their friendly disposition. Their friendly nature ensures an engaging and interactive pet experience.

Health Monitoring

Though they can have some health issues, the distinct physical features of French Bulldogs, such as their unique breathing sounds and mannerisms, make it easier for owners to monitor their health. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet can ensure they lead a healthy life.

Benefits of Keeping a French Bulldog

Challenges of Keeping a French Bulldog

  • Prone to breathing difficulties due to their flat faces
  • Susceptible to overheating and heat exhaustion
  • Can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods
  • Vulnerable to specific genetic health issues
  • Requires regular cleaning of facial folds to prevent infections
  • Limited swimming ability due to their body structure
  • They may be stubborn, requiring patient and consistent training
  • Prone to obesity and needs a carefully managed diet
  • They can be expensive to purchase and care for due to their popularity
  • May have allergies and skin conditions requiring regular care and attention

Challenges of Keeping a French Bulldog

Americal Bully Vs. French Bulldog: Which is best?

Choosing between an American Bully and a French Bulldog depends on your lifestyle, space, and what you want in a pet. American Bullies are energetic, friendly, and require ample exercise. They are larger and can be a good fit for families with more living space and time to engage in physical activities.

On the other hand, French Bulldogs are more miniature, adaptable, and require less exercise, making them suitable for apartment living or less active lifestyles. Both breeds are affectionate and make excellent companions. Evaluate your living conditions, activity level, and the time you can devote to a pet before deciding.


Are French Bulldogs or American Bully Good Family Dogs?

French Bulldogs are excellent family pets, known for their adaptability and affectionate nature. American Bullies are also family-friendly, offering loyalty and protection. Both breeds are social and can form strong bonds with family members, including children.

Is French Bulldog More Expensive than American Bulldog?

French Bulldogs can be more expensive than American Bullies due to their popularity and breeding complexities. The price varies depending on pedigree, breeder reputation, and geographical location. Consider additional costs like veterinary care, food, and other necessities when budgeting for dogs.

What is the Most Popular Bully Breed?

The American Pit Bull Terrier is often considered the most popular bully breed. They have been popularized in various media for their strength, intelligence, and loyalty. Remembering that they require proper training and socialization to be at their best behavior is essential.

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