For Sale

Ace x Lola

Meet Ice she is a lilac sable merle that carries Bb (testable chocolate) no brindle. She is tiny and compact and amazing! She is available for $10,000 full AKC

Meet Fidget! She is off Ace x Lola. She is a lilac and tan merle carries Bb (testable chocolate) no brindle. She is available for $12,000 full AKC

Ace x Teeny Tiny born Jan 24th, 2022

female SOLD $15000

Meet Biddy Bab! She is a blue tri merle carries coco and rojo no brindle no pied possible cream carrier! She is dd Coco Bb atat Ee? Kyky nn Mm. She is off Ace our isabella new shade merle and Teeny Tiny our tiniest momma. This girl is the total package of quality and color!

El Camino x Fame born Jan 10, 2022

Afroman SOLD male $15,000

Afroman is a lilac trindle carrying fluffy and cream! dd coco atat Em/e kbky nn Ll4. Hes short compact style and will make a really nice stud addition!

Epic SOLD male $15,000

Epic is off El Camino x Fame. He is extremely small and extremely short backed. Amazing structure! This boy is a future star for sure.. he is a lilac trindle carrying testable chocolate. dd coco Bb atat emem kbky nn. He will make an excellent addition to anyone trying to shrink down their size and make more short backed compact babies!

Mushu SOLD female $15,000

Get out the way for this girl! Wide load! Lol she will be a complete shemale. She’s a lilac trindle carrying fluffy dd coco atat kbky nn Ll4. Quality fluffy maker here, guaranteed. Super compact and big boned!

Chop Suey X BB born Jan, 6th 2022

Hibachi SOLD male $15,000

Hibachi is a teeny tiny thick stunning compact lil pup who is lilac and tan + 1 copy of cream and 1 copy of l4 fluffy! Definitely stud material if you want small, thick and compact!

Wonton SOLD male $8,000 full AKC or $4k pet

Wonton is a blue fawn that carries coco, cream, and l4 fluffy! He is available as a pet or with full AKC. He is a very small guy and the calmest and sweetest in the litter!

Eggroll male $6,000 SOLD

Eggroll is a lilac and tan + 1 copy of cream. He is super thick and very nice structure! He can make a rainbow of colors! He’s off Chop Suey X BB

Jäger x Twinkie! SOLD OUT

Gerber (Jäger x Twinkie) $7500 SOLD

Bash (Jäger x Twinkie) $10,000 SOLD

Sirius Blakk X Henna puppies are here! SOLD OUT

Tuggs (SOLD) $8,000

Lilac and tan tweed merle male SOLD!

Price: $15,000 SOLD!

Chocolate and tan female SOLD

Price: $8500 SOLD!!

Male for sale off Rooster x Daphne! SOLD!

$8,500 SOLD

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