For Sale

Jäger x Twinkie! SOLD OUT

Gerber (Jäger x Twinkie) SOLD

Gerber is a fawn sable boy who carries tri, blue and chocolate! He is able to make a rainbow of colors, not to mention this boy is a vision of quality! He is perfectly proportioned to bring to you that signature pudgybull style! He is Available for $7500 Full AKC.

Bash (Jäger x Twinkie) SOLD

Bash is a gorgeous lil Blue merle that carries tri and chocolate! Definitely pudgybull style, this boy is quality and all the color you could hope for all wrapped into one package! He is available for 10k Full AKC. If you are interested in Bash, please feel free to contact us at 4792349310!

Sirius Blakk X Henna puppies are here! SOLD OUT

Muggs (SOLD)

Muggs is a clear pointed Black tri tweed merle who carries blue and chocolate and no brindle no pied. He is a triple carrier and can create lots of color for your program!

He is priced at $10k full AKC breeding rights

Tuggs (SOLD)

Tuggs is a clear pointed black tri tweed merle. He also is no brindle no pied! He is available as a pet or with full AKC breeding rights

Priced at $7500 full AKC breeding rights or $5k for pet with a neuter contract

Lilac and tan tweed merle male SOLD!

Meet Yeti! Dripping with quality! He is off Rooster x Daphne.. he is a lilac and tan tweed merle male. dd bb(coco) atat EmEm kyky Mm. He is someone’s future superstar! You dont see this quality in this color available very often! With who his parents are, you are guaranteed an amazing stud. He is currently 7 weeks old, and will be available to ship out of the 28th of May. His pedigree is amazing too!

Price: $15,000 SOLD!

Chocolate and tan female SOLD!

Meet Gallina! She is a tiny amazing baby girl off Rooster x Daphne! She is a vision of perfect and the absolute cutest! She is bb(coco) Dd atat EmEm kyky. She will make an amazing addition to anyones home!

Price: $8500 SOLD!!

Male for sale off Rooster x Daphne! SOLD!

Here is Nomad! He is a chocolate and tan (atat) carrying blue no brindle. He is just dripping in quality! He comes from 2 of our most amazing dogs. He will make an excellent stud for anyones program!

$8,500 SOLD

We offer financing!

If you are interested in owning the PudgyBull of your dreams, but can’t afford the dog that you love, don’t dispair! Let us make life easier and give you low monthly payment options! There is NO hit to your credit at all! But making your payments on time will help build your credit score! Credova makes it so easy to take home the puppy of your dreams TODAY! Just click on the link below and fill out a no hassle credit application! It will give you a preapproval and we can start working on getting your dream puppy in your home.

Due to the overwhelming number of people wanting in line for a specific puppy, we require a $500 deposit to be on our waiting list. Please feel free to have a look at our “Contracts” page to check out our 3 year health guarantee and all of our PudgyBull terms and conditions.

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