PudgyBull’s Remedy

Meet Remedy! She is our in house produced new shade maker! She is a blue sable merle who carries coco and rojo. She is off the infamous Jagermeister (of Baker Blue Frenchies) bred to our very own Tiny Twinkie (Valor daughter). Remedy is a tiny pudgybull style built bull! Definitely fits our style here! She weighs 14lbs.

Remedy’s dna is dd Coco Bb ayat Em/em kyky Mm. 100% health tested clear.

Thunder Bulldog’s Teeny Tiny of PudgyBulls

Meet Tiny! She is our teeniest dog here pudgybulls! She is a blue trindle quad carrier. She is a diva 100%! We adore her lil snoody personality haha! She has an extremely short compact back and amazing structure!

Tiny’s dna is dd Coco Em/e atat kbky nn. She is health tested clear except 1 copy of Dm

PudgyBulls’s Fame

Meet Fame! She is our in-house produced baby off Daphne bred to El Pollo Loco (owned by The Frenchie Republic NY). Fame is a real 1 of 1 in the world with her incredibly unique markings! She is a tiny lil gal too weighing in at 18lbs. She is a lilac trindle merle.

Fames dna is dd Coco atat em/em kbky nn

Thunder Bulldogs BB of PudgyBulls

Meet BB! She is littermate sister to Teeny Tiny! She is an incredibly thick short compact baby who we adore!

PudgyBull’s AMilli

Meet PudgyBull’s AMilli! This girl is off of our own production. Rooster x Daphne! She is a chocolate tri merle carries blue! We are very proud of AMilli and how she has matured. She is true type PudgyBull style. Weighs 22lbs. She is sweet, and very smart and playful!

PudgyBull’s Tiny Tot (Retired)

PudgyBull’s Saki (Retired)


VFB’s Tiny Twinkie of PudgyBulls

Twinkie came from a man with vision behind his breeding. This girl is out of this world! She embodies everything we strive to have in our program here at PudgyBulls. She is 21lbs of hurricane energy! She will knock you over with her sweetness. She is smart, and playful, and at times a bit mischievous! All the bone and wrinkles and mass you could possibly want in a female! We expect huge things from her very soon! She is a standard fawn color. Twinkie is off the pairing Valor of West Coast Gottiline X Mavis of VFB kennel.


Twinkie’s DNA ayay Dd Em/e kyky Her bloodlines carry a punch! 4x Linebred Shrinkabull’s Pretty Boy Floyd, Shrinkabulls Blue Moon, Daystar, Shrinkabulls Hamilton, Sharkline, and Firefield!

Daphne of PudgyBulls (retired)


Henna came to us from the other side of the world! She hails from Romania! She is a very athletic perfectly structured black tri merle! She carries chocolate as well 🙂 She weighs 18lbs and is extremely lovey and sweet. Her dna is DD Coco atat kyky nn Mm and she is fully health tested clear!


Jenny is littermate sister to Henna! She is a 28lb tank of a shemale lol. She has more bone and mass and wrinkles than most males do! She is a black tri carrying blue and chocolate no brindle no pied. She is as sweet as they come, so very lovey. She is playful and energetic.