Ace x Teeny Tiny CONFIRMED DUE JAN 24TH!

This is an in-house breeding for the books! Teeny Tiny is a maskles quad trindle and Ace is a new shade isabella and tan merle! Expecting a rainbow of quality! Teeny Tiny is only 15lbs and super super compact. Can’t wait to see the outcome of this one!

El Camino X PudgyBull’s Fame CONFIRMED!!! DUE JAN, 9TH

El Camino (owned by @bluebuddhafrenchies) was bred to our homegrown Fame! Breeding is now complete and due on Jan 9th. Expecting all Lilac and tan/trindle and same in merle also. Some will carry fluffy, some will carry rojo, and some may carry both! We are very excited to meet these babies!

Chop Suey X BB now complete! Puppies due Jan 7th! CONFIRMED!!!!

Very excited for this litter! Expecting a rainbow of colors and all will be quads, plus we will have some beyond top quality fluffy carriers in here!

Twinkie x Jäger! SOLD OUT

Babies are here! Check our for sale page for availability!

El Pollo Loco X Daphne! Puppies are here! (All reserved)

Sirius Blakk X Henna (SOLD OUT)

This litter will be an incredible clash of quality and color! We are not taking deposits at this time. This litter will be due early january. We are expecting Black tris, chocolate tris, black tri merles, and chocolate tri merles! Keep a look out for this one!