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Are French Bulldogs Smart? Is Training a Frenchie Easy?

Are French Bulldogs Smart?

French Bulldogs are moderately intelligent and can be trained, but they are not always the quickest learners compared to other dog breeds. They are known for their stubbornness, which can sometimes be mistaken for a lack of intelligence. However, with positive reinforcement and patience, French Bulldogs can learn commands and tricks and be socialized effectively that make them good pets. Their intelligence is often showcased in their ability to adapt to their owner’s lifestyle and emotions, making them excellent companions.

Smart French Bulldog

What Makes a French Bulldog Smart & Easy to Train?

Problem Solving Skills

French Bulldogs can navigate obstacles and manipulate toys due to their innate problem-solving skills. They’re curious and determined, constantly exploring and adapting to their environment.

Emotional Intelligence

They’re attuned to their owners’ emotions, adjusting their behavior to provide comfort and companionship. Their sensitivity to mood changes underscores their emotional intelligence.


French Bulldogs exhibit instinctive behaviors like alertness and protectiveness. Inherent instincts guide their reactions to the environment and other animals.

Adaptive Intelligence

They easily adapt to various living environments and lifestyles. Their ability to adjust behavior and energy levels to different settings highlights their adaptive intelligence.

Good Memory

These dogs have a good memory, retaining learned behaviors and commands. Consistent training and positive reinforcement further enhance their memory skills.

Power of Recognition

French Bulldogs remember faces, other animals, and locations. This recognition ability strengthens their social bonds and interactions.


They communicate through vocalizations, body language, and facial expressions. Their expressiveness aids in conveying emotions and building strong bonds with owners.


French Bulldogs are adept at forming relationships with both humans and other pets. Their social intelligence is evident in their ability to navigate complex social environments.


Their distinct sounds, gestures, and expressions make their communication skills notable. French Bulldogs subtly but effectively communicate their needs and emotions to their owners.

What Makes a French Bulldog Smart

French Bulldog Intelligence Ranking

Comparison to other Dog Breeds

Regarding obedience and training, French Bulldogs may take more repetitions to learn new commands, often ranking lower than breeds known for quick learning and problem-solving skills. However, Frenchies excel in companion roles due to their adaptability, loyalty, and affectionate nature. Their stubbornness can sometimes be a barrier to traditional training, but they can be taught effectively with patience.

Factors Influencing Intelligence

  • Environment: A Frenchie’s intelligence is shaped by its environment; diverse experiences and stimuli enhance cognitive and emotional development.
  • Genetics: Genetics play a role; some are naturally more alert and trainable, a trait that can be emphasized through selective breeding.
  • Training: The effectiveness of exercise, especially with positive reinforcement, can mitigate Frenchie’s stubbornness and enhance learning.
  • Age: Younger French Bulldogs are generally more adaptable and easier to train, but older dogs can also learn with patience and consistency.

French Bulldog Intelligence Ranking

How to Unlock Your French Bulldog Intelligence Potential?

  • Training: Regular and consistent training sessions help sharpen a French Bulldog’s mental abilities. Using varied commands and activities keeps their mind active and engaged.
  • Puzzle Toys: Introducing puzzle toys stimulates their cognitive skills. It encourages problem-solving as they figure out how to get the treats hidden inside the toys.
  • Positive Reinforcement Techniques: Positive reinforcement, like treats and praises, boosts their learning. It helps overcome their stubbornness, making learning enjoyable and effective.
  • Socialization: Exposing your Frenchie to different environments, people, and animals enhances their adaptability and social intelligence, making them more well-rounded.
  • Sports Activities: Engaging in sports activities aids in both mental and physical stimulation. It keeps their mind alert and body active, promoting overall well-being.


How smart are French bulldogs compared to other dogs?

French Bulldogs aren’t typically as quick to learn commands as some highly intelligent breeds like Border Collies or Poodles. However, they excel in emotional and adaptive intelligence, making them intuitive and excellent companions well-suited for various living environments.

Are French bulldogs quick learners?

French Bulldogs are not generally quick learners due to their stubborn and independent nature. They may require more time and repetition to master new commands and behaviors than other dog breeds. However, they can effectively learn and adapt with consistent training and positive reinforcement.

What is the IQ level of a French Bulldog?

The IQ level of a French Bulldog isn’t quantified like human IQ, but they are moderately intelligent. They excel in adaptive and emotional intelligence rather than working or obedience intelligence, characterized by their ability to adapt to various environments and strong bonds with their owners.

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